Although proprietors have recently changed the entrance sign to read "International Ville," the military community and local Gunsan residents will always call it A-Town. This run down neighborhood is known for its dance clubs, eateries, and custom tailor shops all catering to the American military community at nearby Kunsan Air Base. The entrance to A-town is a few miles north of the military base along Airport Road.

Saemangeum Sea Wall
Leave it to Koreans to turn a road into a tourist attraction. This massive environmental engineering project connects the Gunsan peninsula with Byeonsan National Park to the south with a scenic road across the bay. This 13-mile road is lined with walking paths and dotted with parks and monuments along the way. The annual Gunsan Marathon runs along this road in the spring bringing a surprising number of local runners. The causeway crosses the Go-Gunsan Islands halfway down the road, where tourists can stretch their legs at the fountains or head into the hills for a hike with a view. Future plans for the reclaimed land include a hotel, water park, and tourist beach as well as plenty of rice fields. To get there, head west on Highway 21.

Fish Market
If it swims and is edible, you can find it here (still swimming). It's like a free aquarium show where you can eat the exhibits. Nearby restaurants serve the goods up raw, and sometimes still wriggling. Ocotpus, cuttlefish, mussels, clams, and fish of all varieties are available for purchase.

Jinpo Maritime Park
This small port-side park is located along the northernmost edge of the Gunsan peninsula by Wolmyeong Park. Attractions include fixed military aircraft, tanks, and ships overlooking a fishing port. One Korean Civil War era naval ship is opened to the public for exploration, and has recently be refitted as a small museum.