Eunpa Park
Ask a Gunsan local where he hangs out on a nice day, and he will invariably mention a stroll in Eunpa Park. Wedged between Naundong and Miryongdong, Eunpa is a flat park where shady flat trails circle a small lake. A long wooden bridge lights up at night making it a popular place to gather on cool summer evenings. A timed fountain is a big draw for kids wanting to get wet at the far end of the bridge. Cherry blossom trees burst with flowers in early March making it the perfect place to practice photography. The northeast corner of the lake is choked with Jurassic-sized lotus blossoms. By October, chestnut trees heavy with fruit drop their fuzzy pods for lucky collectors below. Running is popular here for foreigners and Koreans alike -- follow the path winding around the lake for a five mile run. 

Wolmyeong Park
For a more vertical workout, head to Wolmyeong Park. It's beacon is hard to miss at the north end of town: a large white monument at the top of a small mountain lit up by colored lights at night. The park has several entrances, accessible via side roads off local highway 26 or University Road. Paths crisscross the park leading to small restaurants, Buddhist temples, and many many statues and monuments. A small rock climbing wall and stationary exercise equipment make it an attraction for fitness freaks. The well-shaded paths make it a beautiful, cool respite full of flowers in spring and colorful leaves in the fall.