Korean Restaurants   

The Gal-B
Location:   Naundong (YesT Mall)
Food:        Galbi
Note:        The Galbi serves traditional Korean marinated pork cooked on barbecues on your table, and wrapped in a leaf. It's location and tables with chairs (as opposed to floor seating) make it popular with foreigners.

Location:   Near Bar Street
Food:        Shabu-shabu
Notes:      This chain restaurant serves thinly sliced beef, homemade noodles, and piles of fresh vegetables that you cook in a broth on your table. Floor seating. 

Location:    MiRyongDong
Food:        Samgyupsal
Notes:       This large Korean restaurant serves traditional marinated fatty pork that looks like fat strips of bacon. Just like less fatty galbi, this meat is cooked at your table and wrapped in a leaf with vegetables and sauces. Also has table and chair seating.

International Restaurants 

Location:    Near Jinpo Park
Food:         Pizza
Notes:        Best pizza in Gunsan. This upstairs restaurant is one of the few places in Korea to get pizza without corn (or with, if that's your thing).

Hoa Binh
Location:  Near LotteMart
Food:       Vietnamese
Notes:      This Vietnamese place serves pho -- a Vietnamese style noodle soup -- in many varieties. Go with a group to share the make-your-own spring roll platter.

Chinese Restaurant 
Location:   Near Valentine's
Food:        Chinese
Notes:       The interior looks like a converted brothel (private rooms with couches, barred windows, and wallpapered ceilings) giving it the nickname "Chinese Whore House," but the food is great and inexpensive.

Paradiso Perduto
Location:   Eunpa Park 
Food:        Italian
Notes:       You will be surprised at how authentic this Italian restaurant is. The pizzas are covered in real cheese and cooked in a brick oven, and the pasta dishes are not smeared in overly sweet sauces or drizzled with corn like other Korean-Italian places. One drawback: it's expensive.

Sushi Day ("Japanese Bistro")
Location:   MiRyongDong
Food:        Japanese Food
Notes:       This hole-in-the-wall is best for takeout or a quick bite before hitting the bars outside nearby Kunsan National University. It serves udon, soba, nigiri, and fried cutlets.You can get a small bowl of udon, four pieces of sushi, and a pork cutlet for about 8,000W.
Coffee Shops
Titicaca Cafe
Location:    Eunpa Park
Food:         Sandwiches, Waffles
Notes:        Located across from the bridge in Eunpa Park, this cafe is a great place to meet friends for a glass of wine or cup of coffee. 

Santa Rosa
Location:    Eunpa Park
Food:         Waffles and Ice Cream
Notes:        The coffee here is freshly roasted, and the view of the Eunpa Lake is beautiful. Comfy purple couches upstairs make it cozy in the winter while patio furniture provides fresh air dining in the summer.

Acqui Terme
Location:    Naundong (YesT Mall)
Food:         Gelato
Notes:        This place is a popular spot to hit after eating at the Galbi, upstairs. If its selection of gelati and desserts doesn't appeal to you, head there are at least five other coffee shops within a stone's throw of this joint.

Gunsan Coffee KaGae
Location:  Near LotteMart
Food:       Gelato
Notes:      The owner knows her coffee -- she even gives classes about brewing in a classroom above her shop.